Classified as a precious metal, platinum holds great significance in jewel craft. It is the most renowned metal in the present day world, highlighted much for its stunning brilliance and sheen. Platinum has grown in popularity over the past century or so and today stands as the top priority metal for engagement solitaires and wedding rings across the planet. Platinum jewellery, particularly the rings, are known for their luxurious gleam and dynamic designs. They make the most exquisite jewels for the most significant of occasions. So much so to the magnificence of its wedding solitaires, platinum is known as the metal for the romantics which symbolises true, undying love.

There is a common misconception that platinum is white gold. They look alike in their appearance but have different chemical compositions and bear distinct properties. White gold is by no means an alternative to platinum except for the apparent silvery white sheen of the both metals. Platinum is much purer and denser than white gold.

Platinum possess a splendour that never taints, it is an unreactive metal and so it is very resistant to oxidation processes which can tarnish the natural substance. It is quite ductile and carries a high density. Some of the salient properties of platinum which are relevant to its use in jewel making are elucidated here to give you a better understanding of the metal and assist in making the perfect choice for your purchase.



Platinum is an elemental metal. It is the purest of all the precious metals. It is naturally lustrous and has an unmatched surface gloss. Platinum does not need plating and coating like other metals. Its sheen remains untainted for the life of it and that is it is classified as an eternal or everlasting metal. Platinum is considered to be approximately thirty times purer than the classic precious metal of gold. Due to its purity, the platinum made jewellery is the most expensive of all. However, it is the most stunning in its apparent magnificence and also an advisable daily wear for people with sensitive skin. Furthermore, platinum jewellery are nickel-free so make a great choice for brides and grooms with sensitive skin as platinum is hypoallergenic, it can be worn every day with comfort and ease.

Platinum used in jewellery is typically comprised of 95% platinum and 5% alloy metals – labelled as 950 platinum.


The precious metal platinum has a high density. Due to this property, it makes a perfect base for holding the precious diamonds and other gemstones.


Given the density, strength and lustre platinum is bound to last long. Chemically, this element is and unreactive metal which means that the normal oxidation processes are of no effect and thus, the platinum jewels maintain their brilliance for a lifetime.


Patina is defined as the lustre which develops out of long usage on normal daily routine, incurring some very tiny scratches. It is considered to be a unique form of metal gleam developed on its surface over time. Even though platinum is known for its strength it is not immune to scratches. Tiny scratches can develop over time, with daily use. It gives platinum a unique sheen, its patina which has earned fondness of many, over the years. These properties make platinum certainly the top choice for dynamic and lasting jewels. It is quite easy to maintain platinum jewellery brilliance and sparkle. Simply soak it in a warm solution of soap and gently clean it with a bristled brush by scrubbing.


To maintain the beauty and shine of a piece of platinum jewelry, be sure to clean it periodically. It's safe to use a mild, non-abrasive jewellery cleaner and then gently rub the surface of the metal with a soft cloth. Every few months or so, have a professional jeweller perform a thorough cleaning and buff the surface free of any


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